Eternal winter: where to ski every month of the year

August 11, 2018

Not all travellers rejoice at the spring thaw. For skiers and snowboarders, springtime heralds long months deprived of mountaintop thrills, scowling at the sun while cherished skiing gear gathers dust. But why be a slave to the seasons? From Scandinavia to New South Wales, here are our dream destinations to pursue an eternal winter. ‘The […]

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How to live like a Local in Cairo

July 19, 2018

After spending a carefree summer getting to know Egypt back in 2010, Lonely Planet Local Leah Bremer returned in 2017 to find dusty, ancient Cairo forever changed and yet exactly the same. Adapting to sunny life in the cultural nexus of north Africa and the Middle East took little time, and once she learned the importance of […]

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Five great day trips from St Petersburg

July 18, 2018

A single trip is nowhere near enough to truly appreciate the splendour of St Petersburg. But even a first-time visitor should consider a quick escape from Russia’s imperial capital to nearby parks, palaces and medieval towns that are very much a part of its cultural circle. Easily visited by car, public transport or tourist bus, […]

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Six iconic Sydney foods and where to try them

May 24, 2018

One of the joys of travel is tasting the cuisine of a new land, and Australian food offers a cornucopia of superb ingredients deftly handled by a foodie community that is passionate about quality and flavour. Here are six unique Australian flavours, and the best places to sample them, all located in inner Sydney. One […]

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Thrills and chills: North America’s most spectacular winter destinations

March 18, 2018

You know it’s winter in North America when ads promoting the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii start appearing in droves in newspapers and online. The message: winter is something you should flee. Counterpoint: those balmy destinations are great year-round. The places that hit peak beauty at the chilliest times of year, on the other hand, are […]

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